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How to Create Infographic Elements with VectorScribe in Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Web Design/ Comments: 0

Today we will look at how to create infographics elements using different tools of VectorScribe. The plugin allows you to create Dynamic Graphs, which can easily change the appearance and convert in accordance with the new data. In many cases, it is faster and more flexible way to create charts, especially if it comes to Infographics templates, than native Graph Tools.

Create Pie Graphs with Dynamic Shapes Tool

Step 1

Take Dynamic Shapes Tool and open the Dynamic Shapes panel of VectorScribe plug-in (Window> VectorScribe> Dynamic Shapes panel). Select Dynamic Circle in the panel and create a circle.

Open the fly-out menu of the Dynamic Shapes panel and tick Define Slices by Percentage.

Step 2

In the numeric field ìAngle of the end of the sliced shape” type value that corresponds to the first sector of Pie Graph (30% in my case).

Duplicate the first sector (Cmd / Ctrl + C, Cmd / Ctrl + F) and recolor the new shape in a different color. Assume the second sector corresponds to 20%. Key in 30 + 20 = 50% into the numeric field.

Into the numeric field ìAngle of the start of the sliced shape” type in the previous value of 30%, which corresponds to the end of the first sector.

Using this technique, we create the entire Pie Graph.

You can read full version of this tutorial on Astute

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