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How to create Gear Infographics using VectorScribe and Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Web Design/ Comments: 0

In this article we will introduce you to the Dynamic Gear options presented in the VectorScribe plug-in. You will also learn how to create the perfect gearing which can be animated using Adobe After Effects. Accurate meshing of teeth will be provided by the ColliderScribe plug-in and thanks to the tools and options in both this and VectorScribe, we will create this animated Gear Infographic…

Dynamic Gear options

The latest release of the VectorScribe v3 Dynamic Shapes panel was supplemented by seven new basic shapes, with Dynamic Gear among them.

This shape has many individual options. Obviously, we can set the number of teeth, the outside diameter and the diameter of the hole in the toothed wheel. Specific parameters include the options found at the bottom of the panel. Let’s create a toothed wheel and see what these options match with.

Tooth Ht corresponds to the height of the tooth:

Tip is a relative size of tooth tip:

Root size is the root height of the gear tooth:

Base is a relative size of tooth base:

Tip Fillet is a relative filleting (rounding) at the outer corners of gear teeth:

Base Fillet is a filleting at inner corners of gear teeth:

Bowing is an outward bowing of gear teeth:

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