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How to Create Hand Lettering with InkScribe

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Text Effect/ Comments: 0
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InkScribe is designed for fast, accurate, and smart creating and editing of Bezier curves on which the entire vector graphics is based. Today you will learn about its main features that will help us to create hand lettering. I hope that you have already experienced it if not, download 14 day free trial now!

After downloading and installing the InkScribe plug-in, the icons corresponding to the tool will appear in the Tools panel. Go to Window > InkScribe > InkScribe panel, to open the InkScribe panel.

To demonstrate InkScribe’s Tool functions I will use my pencil sketch. It is a hand lettering of the catchword “The”.

Two ways to create paths with InkScribe

1. Click and Drag method. In the InkScribe panel, choose to create a curved segment (“Draw a curved segment”) and smooth for the type of points (“Smooth Point”) as highlighted below. Place the first point by simply single-clicking or click-dragging if you also wish to control the direction of the first handles and move the cursor along the outline to the approximate place of the next point.

We can see annotations next to the last created point of the outline. This provides additional close-to-hand control and also informs us about which of the existing drawing modes is now active. Annotations may contain some or all of the functional buttons of the InkScribe panel. Having a nearby control point enables us to save time, as we don’t have to drag the cursor to, or search for the panel. Click and Drag method with InkScribe is similar to work with the Pen Tool, but InkScribe has several advantages. With this tool, you can not only create the path, but also control the position of the points and their handles. In order to determine the type of point you simply should hover the tool’s pointer on it. To convert the points you can use the corresponding buttons in the panel or annotations. You can get the same result by double-clicking on a point or handle.

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