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How to Create Dripping Effect for Editable Text with Stipplism in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Text Effect/ Comments: 0
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Today you will learn how to create a dripping text effect using the Symbol Stipple feature in Stipplism, Appearance panel and native Illustrator’s feature. I hope that you have already experienced Stipplism if not, download 14 day free trial now!

Step 1

Take the Type Tool (T) and create arbitrary text, this is what we will be working with. For these purposes, I used Open Sans free font.

Turn off the fill for the text in the Tools panel and open the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance …).

Add a new red fill in the Appearance panel.

Step 2

Create a few drops of different shapes that will be flowing down from the text. You can draw them with the Pencil Tool (N), or Dynamic Sketch Tool.

Add on some drops a few light pink glares and group up (Cmd / Ctrl + G) each glare with a drop on which it is located.)

Step 3

Save any drop as a new symbol in the Symbols panel (Window > Symbols), in the opened dialog box select the upper central registration point.

The remaining drops will be the variants of the first symbol. Select them, then go to Object > Create Symbol Variants…, select the desired base symbol from the drop-down list in the dialog box.

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