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How to Create Comic Text Effect with Actions and Phantasm in Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Text Effect/ Comments: 0

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a comic text effect using the Halftone effect of the Phantasm plug-in, some native effects and the Actions feature. This is a very useful feature that helps to speed up the processes immensely. For example, a sequence of 37 actions and the use of multiple effects with lots of parameters, takes less than 5 seconds. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Before you begin to create an Action, we need to go through all the steps manually, choose the effects and their parameters, create graphics styles, and think over the sequence and logic of action, which may be automated. Let’s create the inscription “ZAP!” using the Type Tool (T). Here I used the Peace Sans font, it is a free font that you can use for commercial purposes. I suggest you use it and set the font size to = 150pt. If done in this way, you will be able to fully replicate my result, using the parameters and effects options mentioned below.

Remove the fill of the text by pressing the / key or the corresponding icon in the Tools panel, then add a new red fill in the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance).

Step 2

Apply the warp effect to this fill (Effect > Warp > Arc…) and set the parameters shown in the picture below.

Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform… and set 90% for Horizontal Scale option.

Open the Graphic Styles panel (Window > Graphic Styles) and save the new style with the title “Red”.

Step 3

Copy the word and paste it in front (Cmd / Ctrl + C, Cmd / Ctrl + F), then replace the red fill with a Linear Gradient Fill, which consists of several shades of gray color.

Raster dotted patterns are common for comic style. This effect can be easily implemented with the help of Phantasm. Apply the Phantasm Halftone effect to the Gradient Fill (Effect > Phantasm > Halftone …) and set the parameters shown in the picture below.

For the Color option, choose a neutral gray color in the Color Picker dialog box, then apply the Multiply blending mode to the fill in the Appearance panel.

Save this style in the Graphic Styles panel, name it “Dots”.

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