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How to Automate using Actions and Phantasm CS Filters in Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Text Effect/ Comments:
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From way back, Adobe Illustrator had an Actions feature — unfortunately it is rarely used. This really powerful tool is capable of making complex and routine tasks automatic, saving you a lot of time. In today’s tutorial we will learn how to create an action on the example of a complex text effect. To broaden the action options, we will be using the filters found in the Phantasm CS plugin which is also available to download as a FREE 14 day full trial.

Step 1

Create a new document.

Please note that we will first be working in RGB color mode. You will learn how to create this effect for the CMYK color mode at the end of this tutorial.

Now we need to create an object with which we will be working. Take the Type Tool (T) and create some text.

Step 2

Open the Actions panel (Window > Actions)

We can see the Default Actions list, and optionally remove it from the panel by selecting Clear Actions in the fly-out menu.

Choose the New Action command.

Then click the Record button in the open dialog box. Action recording has started. You can always stop the action and think on the next stages before committing to the next step.

The buttons to resume recording, and start/play action are in the lower part of the panel.

Step 3

After having stopped the action, you can rename the Set and Action by double-clicking on their names in the panel.

With the preparatory work done, proceed to the creation of the action. Click on the Record button, then go to Select > All. The entire text will be selected and the new entry will appear in the Actions panel.

Step 4

Convert text into regular vector objects. To do this, go to Type > Create Outlines.

In the next steps we will be using the text outline as the Clipping Mask, so ungroup it (Object > Ungroup) and convert the text into Compound path (Object > Compound path > Make). By doing this, you can use shortcuts for command completion (Cmd / Ctrl + G, then Cmd / Ctrl +

You can read full version this tutorial on

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