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Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - 20 Video Tutorials

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Logo design/ Comments: 7

Today we introduce for your consideration 20 video tutorials that focus on the creation of logos in Adobe Illustrator. Logo design is one of the highest paid fields of graphics and vector design. Why wouldn't we master this direction? Especially, since we have a chance to watch the entire process of creating a logo and see how logo designers seek for the right shape and pick colors.

I admit that some stages of logo creation will not be well understood. Feel free to ask questions in the comments to this post, I am willing to help you or even provide you with a more rational technique.

By the way we create a logo design. To order logo, fill in the form on the contact page.

Illustrator CS6 Logo Design Tutorial - Archfold

3D Logo Tutorial (Illustrator CS5)

Logo design with gradients 6 (Illustrator CS5)

How to Create 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Create Colorful Logo in Adobe Illustrator CS5

How to Create Logo Design, Based on Triangle Using Gradients and Rotation Tool to Create 3D effect

How to Create 3D Spherical Logo in Adobe Illustrator

How To Make  Vector Logo In Illustrator

Create Simple Logo in Illustrator

Gold Logo Tutorial

3D logo design (Illustrator CS5)

Create Cool Ice Font in Illustrator

How to Create Logo Design, Based on Ring using Gradients and Rotation Tool

Create 3D Metal Effect in Illustrator CS5

How to Create Modern Font

Create 3D Arrows Logo - Adobe Lllustrator Tutorial

How To Make Good Looking 3D Text In Adobe Illustrator CS6

How to Design a Logo using Adobe Illustrator

Professional Vector Logo Design  - Illustrator Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Professional Logo Design

Total comments: 6
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1 web design   (2013 Apr 16 03:45)
Its very useful tutorial for us..i really appreciated you good work.keep it up

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2 David martin   (2013 Jul 25 09:37)
That's cool biggrin !!
I found this video it's so helpfull :

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3 Amine El Idrissi   (2013 Nov 25 11:05)
Cool logos biggrin
Please ADD my videos tutorials :

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4 Abdul Ahad aaftey   (2014 May 03 08:44)
Really Beautiful.
Its very useful tutorial for us..i really appreciated you good work.keep it up

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5 Web Dev/Designer   (2014 May 15 11:07)
Really great tutorials!

Thanks so much.

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6 Kelly   (2014 Dec 12 04:22)
Great tutorials. Thanks for sharing this collection.

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