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Create Circular Logos with Stylism

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Logo design/ Comments: 4

With the help of Stylism we can easily obtain dynamic circular and spiral shapes, which are often used as elements of the logo. The plug-in provides a simple and intuitive control over all the effects, which saves a lot of time and allows us to find optimal solutions. You can experience Stylism today by downloading a 14 day free trial!

Step 1

Create a teardrop shape similar to the one shown in the picture below. You do not need to repeat this shape exactly as it will be edited later.

Open Stylism panel (Window > Stylism > Stylism panel) and take Stylism Tool in the Tools panel.

In the plug-in panel there are 8 buttons that correspond to frequently used effects of Adobe Illustrator: Drop Shadow, Feather, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Transform, Free Distort, Offset Path and Gaussian Blur effects. Click on the Transform Live Effect button. This will lead to the appearance of annotation system on the selected object.

Now we can control the parameters of the effect by changing the position and size of the bounding box and using the buttons of the annotation.

Step 2

Move the bounding box to the side and add a new copy by clicking on the + copy button.

Now turn the bounding box at 90 degrees, holding down the Shift key.

Step 3

Add two new copies by double clicking on the + copy button.

You can read full version of this tutorial on

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1 narutu   (2015 Apr 14 16:17)
Hi Iaroslav. I just downloaded the Astute installer.. Installed the plugins and STYLISM will not work at all on Mac!

I installed for both Illustrator 17 and 17.1 (OS X 10.10.3)

The panes and tools appear okay but I am totally unable to edit with any of the gizmos,,, click on a edit handle and absolutely no response at all as if it is not active. The other tools seem to work alright!

Not impressed at all as I cannot follow any of the Stylism tutosials on your page!


2 jaroslav   (2015 Apr 14 22:27)
I did not face a problem. I work in Win OS. 
Usually this happens when the trial period expires.
I sent your question to developers.

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3 narutu   (2015 Apr 17 05:41)
Thanks... but even so... It says the trial lasts for 14 days and not 14 seconds!!!

I'm not sure if this is the case.... As I mentioned the other tools seem to work fine!

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