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Create a Trendy Line Art Logo with MirrorMe

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Logo design/ Comments: 0

Today you will learn how to create a stylish frame for a logo or monogram. Thanks to the MirrorMe Tool you do not need to think over the shape of a pattern well in advance, just trust your intuition…

Step 1

Create a square with a fill of a dark color. We will use this square as a background. Take the Type Tool (T) and create a letter or place another desired element in the center of the background.

Lock the letter and background in the Layers panel.

Step 2

Take the MirrorMe Tool and set the center of symmetry in the center of the square. Set 4 axes at an angle of 0 degrees, and then click on Apply to Layer button in the MirrorMe panel (Window > MirrorMe > MirrorMe panel).

This mode allows us to immediately reflect the objects created in the active sector in the remaining sectors in accordance with the selected number of axes of symmetry.

Step 3

To create patterns you can use the Pencil Tool (N), setting Smooth preset for Fidelity option in the Pencil Tool Options dialog box.

For this purpose I will use the Dynamic Sketch Tool. This tool has more useful features than the Pencil Tool. For example, you can select the Create Points at Tangencies option in the Dynamic Sketch Preferences dialog box. This will greatly simplify the editing of paths in the future. To open the dialog box, click on the Turn / Enter button after selecting a tool.

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