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How to Create Clothing Zipper in Adobe Illustrator – Part 1

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Illustration/ Comments: 0
Final Image Preview

In this tutorial we will learn how to make accurate vector constructions using Arc start-end direction Tool (SubScribe plug-in), Dynamic Corners Tool (VectorScribe plug-in), Dynamic Shapes Tool (VectorScribe plug-in), Line tangent to two paths Tool (SubScribe plug-in), PathScribe Tool (VectorScribe plug-in), Snap to Collisions Tool and Rotate At Collision Tool (ColliderScribe plug-in). Such an arsenal of wonderful tools provides us with complete control and comfort while creating Clothing Zippper. Have fun learning our new Adobe illustrator tutorial!

Step 1

Now proceed to the creation of the slider body. Create a path, which consists of two straight-line segments as it is shown below.

Create a vertical guide that defines the position of the center of the slider body.

Step 2

Select the path, then take the Reflect Tool (O) and click on the guide while holding the Opt / Alt key. Select the Vertical Axis in the dialog box, then click on the Copy button.

Step 3

Take Arc start-end direction Tool (SubScribe plug-in) and create an arc between the upper points of the paths.

Connect the lower points of the paths using the Pen Tool (P).

Select all the created objects, take the Shape Builder Tool and click inside the slider body shape.

This action leads to the connection of the paths at the points A and B.

Step 4

Round off the corners of the resulting shape with the help of the Dynamic Corners Tool (VectorScribe plug-in). To control the rounding radii open the tool panel (Window > VectorScribe > Dynamic Corners panel).

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