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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Vector Snooker App Icon Using SubScribe plugin

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Icon Design/ Comments:
Final Image Preview

Rejoice! You no longer need to know complex geometric construction techniques to create a detailed and precise graphics. All you need is the SubScribe plugin which is free to all DrawScribe, VectorScribe and Phantasm CS v2 customers! It will make all the calculations for you.

However, do not think that you will not have to work at all — this plugin has not learned how to click the mouse for you yet… which is why we help you with these tutorials. In this one, we’ll be creating an App style icon where snooker balls are precisely located inside the rack.

Step 1

Take the Dynamic Shapes Tool (part of VectorScribe Studio) and select the Circle shape, or use the standard Ellipse Tool (L) and create a circle 75 px in diameter. Keeping the circle selected, go to Object > Transform > Move… and set the horizontal offset value in the dialog window and click on Copy button. This offset should equal the diameter of the circle

Step 2

Now we need to create the third circle, which will have the same diameter as the first two and be tangent to them. This problem can be solved very simply if you have the SubScribe plugin installed. Take the Tangent Circle Tool and click with it on the existing circles. After the second click there opens a dialog window where you need to key in a new radius of the circle. In my case, this radius is equal to 37.5 px (75 px divided by 2)

Let’s assume that the created circle will be places at the top of the pyramid.

Step 3

Using the technique described in the previous step, create new circles, moving to the base of the pyramid:

It took me less than a minute to build the whole pyramid of balls, while I did not have to think too much how to do that. All the necessary calculations for you is done by the SubScribe plugin. The only thing you have to remember is that the pyramid should have 5 rows and 15 balls in total

You can read full version this vector tutorial on

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Total comments: 6
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1 alex   (2012 Aug 10 08:08)
thanks to turials the snooker

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2 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 10 08:10)
You are welcome!

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3 icon-design   (2012 Sep 12 16:37)
Is SubScribe plug-in free now?

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4 jaroslav   (2012 Sep 12 23:25)
Yes! We can also find out some free Illustrator scripts and free gradient mesh tormentor plug-in here

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5 Christian   (2012 Sep 13 16:13)
I like the texture on the Snooker table. Great tutorial, thank you!

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6 Dylan B   (2012 Sep 13 20:27)
Hm, I think that SubCcribe is really very useful

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