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How to Create an Abstract Speech Bubble in Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Icon Design/ Comments: 1
Final Image Preview
abstract vector speech bubbles





In this Illustrator tutorial we will learn how to create some abstract speech bubbles using the simple forms and some techniques which allow us to extend your knowledge in the vector artworks creation.  You can download the free speech bubble file which is inside in this tutorial. I hope it will help you to understand all the nuances. Have fun and enjoy our Adobe Illustrator tutorial!

Step 1

Create a new document. Please note, we are going to work in the RGB color mode.

Now let’s create the speech bubble form. Take the Pen Tool (P) and create a form, which consists of straight line segments.

Create some side surface of the speech bubble. They should be closed paths. Two points of these surfaces should have the same coordinates as the points from the speech bubble sides, to which this surface adjoins.

Step 2

Create a shape of a pyramid using the technique described in our first step.

Step 3

And now let’s work on creation of the background. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a rectangle of the artboard size.

With the Mesh Tool (U) create simple gradient mesh as it is indicated on the figure below.

Color the mesh points with soft, pastel colors. You also need to create a line of horizon and a horizontal plane with the help of coloring.

Step 4

Create some grid with the Rectangle Grid Tool.

Go to the Object > Transform > Rotate…, and then set a 45 degrees angle in the dialog box.

Now place our grid to the horizontal plane. The Free Transform Tool (E) suits perfectly for the creation of the perspective. Grab the upper marker of the bounding box with this tool and without releasing the mouse button  keep the Cmd / Ctrl keys, then move the marker below.

Step 5

With the Rectangle Tool (M) create a rectangle with the vertical linear gradient fill. The gradient should contain black, grey and white sliders. The upper rectangle border should match the background line of the horizon.

Step 6

Select the grid and this rectangle, and then choose the Make Opacity Mask в fly-out menu of the Transparency panel.

Now the grid is limited to the rectangle shape and becomes transparent when approaching the horizon; these all creates the aerial perspective.

Step 7

With the Ellipse Tool (L) create two ellipses. The first ellipsis has the grey fill with 0% opacity.

The second ellipse has grey fill, but with 100% opacity.

Go to the Object > Bland > Bland Options… and set the number of specified steps in the dialog box. Now select both ellipses and go to the Object > Bland > Make.

So, we have created some drop shadow from the speech bubble. Using this technique, create some shadow from our pyramid.

Step 8

Using the Gradient Tool (G) fill the planes of our speech bubble and the pyramid.

You need to make some light contrast on these objects; to do so, for convenience divide the objects to the ones, which are lightened by the light source and to those, which are in shade. The artwork, made in the High-key lightning style is ready.

abstract vector speech bubbles

If you are a contributor of microstock websites, then you can create one more variant of speech bubbles in the Low-key lightning style as I did it.





abstract vector speech bubbles

This might increase the number of potential customers. We wish you to have successful sales! You can also read Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Glossy Vector Speech Bubble Icon and How to Create Vector Speech Bubbles in Doodle Style Using Illustrator

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