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How to Create 24 Hours a Day Icon in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Icon Design/ Comments: 0
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How to Create 24 Hours a Day Icon in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a 24 Hours a Day Icon with the help of the 3D modeling within Illustrator. Objects created by 3D modeling require additional and often time-consuming subsequent re-work. Throughout all the stages of creating the icon, we will be using tools within VectorScribe and DrawScribe plugins that greatly simplify and speed up drawing tasks. If you are a professional or going to become one, then I think the simplicity of creation and time savings are very important to you…

Step 1

Create a rectangle with rounded corners. Usually I use the Dynamic Shapes Tool (VectorScribe Studio plugin) for these purposes. The advantage of this tool over the native Rounded Rectangle Tool is obvious to me, since we have an opportunity to control the parameters of the object after its creation. This allows for the refinement of the result, without making several attempts from scratch.

With the help of the Dynamic Shapes Tool, create a triangle and place it as shown in the following picture.

Step 2

Select the created shapes and combine them by clicking on Unite in the Pathfinder panel.

This results in the ubiquitous speech bubble shape. Take the Type Tool (T) and create the text "24 h”. I think a sans serif font fits best here.

Step 3

Take the InkScribe Tool (part of DrawScribe) or Pen Tool (P) and create a path that consists of straight-line segments.

Set the desired width for the path and choose Arrowhead in the Stroke panel.

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