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How to Create Leaves Space Fill with ColliderScribe2

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Effects/ Comments: 0

In this tutorial we will look at a combination of Space Fill, Dynamic Shapes, and Symbols features. This technology will allow us to get at least three levels of dynamics in the artwork. This means that for the transformations and searching for the best solutions you will need to spend ten times less time. For example, a uniform filling of the shape with hundreds of Fill Art objects, you just need to press the button repeatedly.

Creating a Container Path and Fill Art objects

Step 1

Create a square with rounded corners using the Dynamic Shapes Tool of the VectorScribe plug-in. Choose a dark green color as a fill color. Created shape is dynamic, that means that we can always change its settings, and even convert to another shape using the Dynamic Shapes panel (Window>VectorScribe> Dynamic Shape> Dynamic Shapes panel).

This square, we will use in the future as the Container Path, filling it with other smaller objects.

Step 2

Create the shape of the leaf using the Pen Tool (P) or InkScribe Tool, as it is shown below. Fill the leaf with linear gradient which consists of two shades of green color.

Create a curved segment between the upper and lower leaf vertices, then extend the new shape beyond the shape of the leaf. Fill the created object with a linear gradient from white to light gray color. Apply the Multiply blending mode to this object and, if necessary, reduce the opacity in the Transparency panel.

Step 3

Select the leaf and the translucent shape, then remove the protruding part of the translucent shape using the Shape Builder Tool.

Group up both of the shapes (Cmd / Ctrl + G). Create two copies of the leaf using the Rotate Tool (R). Each new leaf is rotated relatively to the previous one at an angle of 120 degrees.

Group up the shamrock.

Step 4

Duplicate the shamrock twice.

Shamrocks will be located at different levels of our fill, so some of them will be darker than the others because of the shadow from the upper layers. Change the shades of leaves easily with the help of Phantasm. Select one of the shamrocks, then go to Effect> Phantasm> Brightness / Contrast …, decrease the value of Brightness by 40 units.

For another shamrock reduce Brightness value by 20 units.

Save each shamrock as a symbol in the Symbols panel.

This will add flexibility in controlling Fill Art objects in the future.

Step 5

As I previously mentioned, we will create a fill which consists of several levels. Therefore, double duplicate the rounded rectangle, then disable the fill of the two upper copies.

Thus, we have created two more container paths.

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