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How to Create Vector Human Body Using Poser and Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tutorials / Vector Character/ Comments: 2
Final Image Preview
How to Create Vector Human Body Using Poser and Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will find out how to create 3D model of human body with Poser. Then we will use the received image as the reference image for the vector artwork creation in Adobe Illustrator.





Illustrator Tutorial Details

  • Program: Poser Pro 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS - CS6;
  • Difficulty:Intermediate;
  • Estimated Completion Time: 60 minutes;

3D Human Body Model in Poser

In order to draw an anatomically correct model of human body you surely need some special knowledge and many years of practice. However if you use the 3D software – Poser, you can easily model a human body. With the help of Poser we can model 3D characters, animals, vehicles, props, and scenes. We can also control cameras and light. For now we are interested only in human body model creation, so let's start our work!

In the beginning of this tutorial I suggest we learn the basics of work in Poser. Just when you launch the application you'll see a mannequin called Andy.

It is a movable object that can be controlled with the Editing Tools.

Take the Translate/Pull Tool (T) and drag Andy's shoulder up.

We can easily rotate with the Rotate Tool (R); select his forearm and rotate it to the front.

The Twist Tool (W) can help you to twist all the limbs.

As you can see, it is not a big deal to control this figure.

Moreover, you can control absolutely every part of its body, even his fingers!.

I think you need to forget about a wooden mannequin that artists used while working.  

However, I want to note, the careless usage of the editing tools can cause the unnatural postures because joints don't have natural limitations.

To return to the original state, as in any editor use the Cmd / Ctrl + Z shortcuts. For precise motion control use the Parameters panel which you can find in the lower right corner of your working space.

To model the human body you don't need only to use Andy. Poser has a large library of models. Let's look at how to upload other models, but before we start doing that we need to delete Andy from our current document. To do so, go to the Figure > Delete Figure and then click OK in the opened dialog box. Bye-bye Andy!

Library panel is located on the upper right corner of our working space. Click on the Figures button and open the list of libraries.

Open the People folder, choose the model that you liked the most and click on the Create New Figure.

And now Alyson is waiting obediently for our orders.

The beginner will need a lot of time to put Alyson into the right pose. Luckily, Poser has the library of sample poses. Let's choose one of them. Click on the Pose button in the Library panel and go to the People > Alyson > Action and double click on the Happy Jump M pose.

You can look at the figure from different angles while changing your camera location. To control your camera location use the Camera Controls.

To move the model along the coordinate axes and to zoom it, use the interface elements in the form of hands.

You can control the location, number, intensity and color of light sources with the help of the elements of Light Controls.

And these are not all the features possessed by Poser. Good basic tutorials on work in this application can also be found here Poser Basics Tutorials.

I changed Alyson's pose a little with the help of editing tools and I think also chose a good camera location.

In order to get the raster image of our 3D model click on the Render button as it is indicated on the figure below.

As you can see, roughness of our figure were smoothed as the result of this process. Click on the Tear off button and then close the new window and save the image in proper format.

Vector Artwork Creation with Usage of Reference Image

Received image of our model is suitable for solving the variety of tasks. Full-color illustrations and vector outlines can be easily created; you can also learn to draw from nature. I've decided to create only the vector silhouette because the demonstration of other techniques will lengthen this short tutorial greatly. So, launch Adobe Illustrator, create a new document, and then place our figure into it (File > Place…).

Lock the image in the Layers panel. And now, using the Pen Tool (P) re-create the figure's form.

As you can see, I draw Alyson's left arm and part of her left leg separately. Fill the created objects with the linear gradient which consists of bright colors.

Add some vector splashes.

You can find out how to create such objects in my Illustrator Tutorial "How to Create a Creative Card with Splash of Color and Light Effects".  Place some splashes on Alyson's body. Copy the form of the body and place it to the front (Cmd / Ctrl + C; Cmd / Ctrl + F), then place the copy above all created objects. Select the upper object and splashes on the body and go to the Object > Clipping Mask > Make or use Cmd / Ctrl + 7 shortcuts.

Now, some more splashes and our illustration is ready!.





How to Create Vector Human Body Using Poser and Adobe Illustrator

I'd really like you to take a closer look at Poser. I hope this will expand your opportunities. In conclusion I give you some links where you can find some more models for Poser. These models can be uploaded to program libraries and used as described above.

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