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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Shortcuts for VectorScribe (Dynamic Shapes)

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

The VectorScribe plugin is oriented towards ensuring the creation of your vector   masterpieces is easier, faster and more flexible. I hope you have   already experienced it (if not, download a 7 day full trial now!).

Today we launch a series of articles dealing with the operation of   VectorScribe tools using keyboard shortcuts. This information, along   with the instructional product movies, will help you create vector artwork using the keyboard like on a piano…

You can read this article on the Astute Graphics Blog right now


  2. Mac key names are used throughout here, but it understood that for Windows, Alt = Option, and Ctrl = Command.
  4. The left and right bracket keys are used by some of VectorScribe's tools, but these keys can be changed by the user through Illustrator's "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog, under "Increase Diameter" and "Decrease Diameter". An asterisk will indicate this. (But this does not apply if the mouse is down).
  6. Some shortcuts do not work in earlier versions of the plugin. Update the plugin version to v1.1.0 by following the link .
Shortuts for VectorScribe

You can read this article on the Astute Graphics Blog right now

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