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Re-linking Multiple Images with Rasterino

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

Today we will talk about Features Using Linked and Embedded images in Adobe Illustrator. You will also learn How to Apply Link images function of Rasterino plug-in for multiple images and benefits of this function comparing to the native one. I hope that you have already experienced using Rasterino, if not, download the 14 day free trials now!

Before applying Link images function of Rasterino you will need to understand the difference between a Linked image and an Embedded image in Adobe Illustrator document.

A linked image is an image that is linked to an external file. That means that linked image is not a part of the document and does not increase its size. Linked images are easily updated. The original image can be changed in a different raster graphics editor like Photoshop, and then will be updated in Illustrator automatically. However, linked images can be lost, because if you move the image files the links will not work anymore and you'll have to re-link to the new file location. And if you give the AI file to someone and it contains linked images, you will have to give them the individual image files too.

An embedded image is a part of the AI document that naturally increases the file size. Such image is not affected by changes to the original file. Embedded images do not get lost since they are a part of the file.

A linked image can be converted into an embedded image by clicking Embed button in the Control panel. Raster effect, for example such as Drop Shadow effect (Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow ...), after rasterizing (Object > Expand Appearance) also convert into embedded images.

In the process of work there may appear a necessity for reverse transformation of pictures from embedded images into Linked images. This can be needed, for example, for size reduction of AI file or for editing pictures outside the Adobe Illustrator. Such operation is conducted by Link images function of Rasterino. To demonstrate the work of function, I will be using an orange, kiwi from Shutterstock and shadow from a pen achieved through rasterizing of raster effect. These are Embedded images, about something in front of the pictures in the Links panel (Window > Links).

Re linking multiple images with Rasterino

Now open the Rasterino panel (Window > Rasterino > Rasterino panel). For re-linking of all the selected pictures press at Link Images button in the Rasterino panel.

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