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New Functions of Adobe Illustrator CC/17.1. Reshape segment feature

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

Reshaping of straight and curved segments became much easier. Three tools at once have the improved function. Let’s just see how it worked before and what we can do now.

In previous Adobe Illustrator releases we could reshape curved segments with the help of the Direct Selection Tool (A), but their handles were always constrained to their original angles.

We could also reshape curved segments with the help of the Reshape Tool; however, it was performed in a bit weird manner since the tool created a new smooth point on path.

We could reshape straight segment quite successfully with the help of the Reshape Tool despite the fact that the tool created an additional point in the contact place with the path.

The current Adobe Illustrator CC/17.1 release designed an improved Reshape segment feature. Three tools at once have this feature - the Pen Tool (P), the Direct Selection Tool and the Anchor Point Tool. Take the Pen Tool (P) and while holding down Opt/Alt key drag the selected curved segment.

As you can see the curvature of the segment is easy to control and its handles are not constrained. The Pen Tool changes the straight segment form with the same ease. At the same time, the additional point won’t be created.

The reshape of curved or straight segments with the help of the Anchor point doesn’t require holding the Opt/Alt key. Holding the Shift modifier constrains the handles to a perpendicular direction, and ensures that the handles are of equal length. Such impact leads to creation of a semicircular segment.

As before, the Direct Selection Tool can reshape only curved segments.

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