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Test Your Screens: Monitor Calibration Check-up Wallpaper

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

 You can check your monitor settings with the Free Monitor Wallpaper. As it turned out, my monitor needed some serious corrections. Download and check it!

Hereby, we offer you the wallpaper with tools for the monitor calibration check-up. Colors on LCD-monitors are dependable on the viewing angle. The wallpaper is highly sensible for such effect and therefore, it shall be required to look on the screen under right angle.

First of all, download and install the wallpaper.


Some words about background. This is even grey colored filling with minor distortion of the color perception on the monitor. The Scale 1 is intended for checking of the correctness of brightness and contrast setting for your monitor. It consists of 21 rectangles, each of which shall be clearly recognized. Otherwise, modify the setting for brightness and contrast. Some of the monitors are provided with additional controls (for example, Black Level). These ones can be very helpful for the proper adjustment.

Brightness and contrast settings can be also checked with help of the scales 2 and 3. Lighter inscription shall be visible on the dark area 2. The light area 3 shall also contain the same visible inscription but having more dark letters. It is doubtful whether you can get an ideal – the first letters on the dark background and/or the last ones on the light background shall be not recognized. Therefore, it shall be necessary to make a compromise. The transition from black to white color on the scale 4 shall be smooth, while the whole gradient shall be of grey color. The scale 5 is intended for checking of the gamut setting correctness. It consists of two halves. The right one (5b) stands for the monitors with gamut = 2.2 – the up-to-date standard for PC and Macintosh. When it being looked from afar, the horizontal lines shall be merged, while the whole square shall be evenly colored in grey. The left half of the scale (5a) stands for the monitors with gamut = 1.8 – the former standard for Macintosh. Being present in our wallpaper, it is shown rather for indication of how such scale SHALL NOT look like. There are two vertical dark strips apparent on such scale.

There are two more scales intended for checking of the gamut settings – 6 and 7. From certain distance they shall look like vertical gradients with color transition from white to black through grey. Should the real gamut of the monitor be not equal to 2.2, the difference between left and right halves shall be apparent on the scale 6 (in case if looked from afar as well). Moreover, the scale 7 shall look as colored on ‘improper’ monitor. Should the gamut be more than 2.2, it shall be ‘collapsed’ into three parts – with red, blue and green tinges. Should the gamut be less than 2.2, its parts shall be transformed into printing triad color gradients - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

When checking your monitor, please, remember that even in case if the wallpaper is displayed imperfect manner, it shall be not the evidence of its proper calibration. Such tests only enable the determination of the brightness, contrast and gamut setting correctness. However, they are not suitable for checking of the precision of color temperature setting, and as well the color coordinates of primary colors. Complete adjustment of the monitor requires the application of special control instruments and appropriate software.

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