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MirrorMe Keyboard Shortcuts

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments:

The MirrorMe plug-in is designed to create reflections in your vector artwork by using either one axis or multiple (up to 72) axes. I hope you have already experienced it (if not, download a 14 day free trial now!). Today’s guide is dedicated to speeding up your workflow with MirrorMe by using keyboard shortcuts. This information, along with the MirrorMe’s instructional product movies, will help you get the most from this unique plug-in!


When creating or editing axes, the shift key constrains either the movement of the axes origin or the angle of the axes to 45° angles around the constrain angle.

Pressing Shift + Return/Enter or Shift + double-clicking on the toolbox icon will bring up the preferences dialog even if provisional axes are present.

When using the menu item "Remove All Layer Axes” or clicking the "Remove Axes” button, retains any previously-created axes guides.


When clicking in a sector of provisional or layer axes, this will change the active sector.

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