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How to quickly select multiple layers and sublayers in the Layers panel in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

Today we will review a few tricks that allow you to quickly select multiple objects in the Layers panel. I must confess that I recently had no idea about the existence of such opportunities. So far for me Shift + click has served as the only way to select multiple sublayers or layers in the panel. But it takes a while, isn't it? So let's simplify our workflow…

Option/Alt (method only works in Adobe Illustrator CS-CS5)

Press Option / Alt key, click on the first layer or sublayer and drag the cursor down, while continue holding the Option / Alt. Move the cursor following the names of layers / sublayers.

Shift+Option/Alt (method only works in Adobe Illustrator CS-CS5)

This method differs from the previous one by allowing you to skip layers or sub-layers, which should not be selected.

Collect in New Layer (works in all versions of Adobe Illustrator)

Unfortunately, the above mentioned methods do not work in the recent releases of the application (CS6-CC2014). So we have to use a more complex way:

  1. Highlight the necessary layers / sublayers by selecting the first and last while holding Shift.
  2. Go to Collect in New Layer in the fly-out menu of the Layers panel.
  3. Select the new layer.
  4. In order not to disturb the hierarchy in the Layers panel, open a new layer, highlight all the sublayers in the layer, and then pull them up from this layer. Empty layer can now be removed. Brief gif animation will help you better understand my manipulations.

Convenient work to you all!

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