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How to Crop Bitmap Images in Illustrator with Rasterino

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 0

Today we will take a look at interactive and numeric ways of cropping a bitmap image in Adobe Illustrator using the Crop Image Tool and Crop Image function of the Rasterino panel. You will also learn how to quickly remove extra white and transparent pixels on the edges of the image using the Trim Image function. With the help of the Rasterino plug-in, Adobe Illustrator gets tools that usually only raster graphics editors like Photoshop have. I’m hoping that you have already experienced using Rasterino, if not, download 14 day free trials now!

Crop Image Tool

The tool is designed to select the cropped area and remove unwanted pixels of the bitmap image directly in Adobe Illustrator. This can significantly reduce the size of the file that contains high resolution images. Therefore, the use of Crop Image Tool is preferred to hide part of the image using the Clipping Mask.

To demonstrate the Crop Image Tool I will use Strawberry collection from Shutterstock. Insert this image into the current document (File > Place …). We can crop only Embed bitmap images with Rasterino, so untick the Link option in the Place dialog box.

You can also embed the existing Linked images in the document. To do this, click on the Embed button in the Control panel.

Crop Image Tool exists in the same group as the Eraser Tool in the Tools panel.

After selecting the tool, the Bounding box and annotation will appear on the image.

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