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How to Create Vintage Labels with the Dynamic Shapes Tool in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 1
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Although the Dynamic Shapes Tool in VectorScribe is designed to create basic shapes, the combination of this tool and use of Illustrator’s effects allows you to create a variety of complex shapes. At the same time the objects do not lose their dynamic properties, which allows you to transform them into new shapes in just a few seconds.

We will look at how this can be done in this example of dynamic vintage labels.

Step 1

Take the Dynamic Shapes Tool (VectorScribe plug-in) and open its panel (Window> VectorScribe> Dynamic Shapes panel). Choose the Dynamic Rectangle and draw a rectangle, then set the corners radius.

Step 2

Copy the created object and paste it in front. Change the height and width of the top of the upper rectangle in the Dynamic Shapes panel.

Copy this rectangle and paste it in front. Click on the Dynamic Circle button, which will lead to the transformation of the rectangle into a circle. Set the required diameter.

Step 3

Let’s add a dotted line parallel to the contour of this complex shape. So far we are not able to do so, as the shape consists of three separate objects. But it’s not going to be an issue. Group the three shapes (Cmd / Ctrl + G), then go to Effect > Pathfinder > Add. Open the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance).

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