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Clean Vector Outlines using Gesture Trimming in DynamicSketch

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Tool/ Comments: 32
Final Image Preview

If you’ve ever needed to remove unwanted sections of paths quickly and easily then the Gesture Trimming function in DynamicSketch should be part of your toolkit! In addition to showing how this can be done we’ll also look at how to create a vector outline using a few tools by Astute Graphics.

Step 1

As a reference image I’ll use a pencil sketch of a thumbs up gesture.

Place the sketch into the current document File > Place ….

Step 2

To create a vector outline in Adobe Illustrator, I’m going to use DynamicSketch.

This tool allows you to create a variable stroke path which gives you the ability to edit not only the shape of the path, but also its thickness to achieve the desired artistic effect. To edit the shape of the path, you can use the InkScribe plug-in which can change the position of the points, edit their handles and add new points with real speed.

Step 3

To change the width of the variable stroke path, I’m going to use the Width Selector Tool (WidthScribe plug-in), where you can quickly change the width of the width markers.

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