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Vector Artwork Color Adjustments with Phantasm and Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 2

If you use Photoshop’s Curves, Levels and Hue/Saturation for color corrections then you will love using the Phantasm plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial I’m going to share with you how to achieve tonal and color correction in vector images with the same ease as Photoshop’s tools. We will even be able to adjust the Alpha channel and spot colours with this amazing plug-in.

Let’s look at the features of Phantasm on the example of a vector apple. This artwork contains objects that have different properties. We’ll familiarize ourselves with these objects in the process of applying Phantasm‘s tools to them.

Hue / Saturation

With the help of this feature, we can simultaneously manage hue, saturation and lightness of vector and bitmap embedded images. Color control can be carried out in both CMYK and RGB documents. Select the apple which is constructed from three gradient meshes, then go to Effect > Phantasm > Hue / Saturation … to apply the effect.

An alternative way to use the Hue / Saturation feature is going to Object > Filters > Phantasm > Hue/Saturation … to apply the filter. We’ll discuss the difference between the “effect” and the “filter” a little bit later, but for now let’s focus on color control. By default, the adjustment of Hue, Saturation and Lightness will affect all the hues of the selected objects.

We’re also able to choose the hue range from the Edit pull-down menu where editing will be done.

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Total comments: 2
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1 bijutoha   (2014 Jan 31 04:07)
Is this changing looking like a vector work I mean is there any problem in resolutions?

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2 jaroslav   (2014 Feb 01 00:02)
Vector has no resolution.

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