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SubScribe Designer Plugin for Adobe Illustrator - My Top 5 Favorite Features

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 1

I think that SubScribe Designer is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who creates detailed graphics. And it is even free to all DrawScribe, VectorScribe and Phantasm CS v2 customers! With its help, you can create tangents and perpendiculars to the paths, create a circle according to given points, quickly align objects relatively to horizontals or verticals, create circumscribed and inscribed circles, and much, much more.

Let SubScribe do all the calculations and complex creations. All you need to do is to select the necessary tool and simply click the mouse.


Orient is designed to quickly orient (rotate to vertical or horizontal) vector artwork and linked or embedded images. During the creative workflow, we often encounter objects that are rotated at obscure angles relatively to normals. The alignment of such objects using standard means of Adobe Illustrator is not an easy task. The Orient Tool allows you to solve this problem in a very simple way.

To align raster objects, select the Orient Tool and holding down the Opt/ Alt double click on the selected image.

To align or rotate vector graphics, take the Orient Tool and by clicking twice or click-dragging, determine two Rotation points on the selected object. Enabling Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides) may help locate these rotation points.

Hovering over one of the orient annotation end points, click-dragging allows the rotation of all selected objects based around the opposite annotation end point. If you simultaneously click-drag and hold down Shift, you will lock the rotation to the vertical or horizontal axis:

As a result, we get a perfect alignment relative to the horizontal and vertical.

To duplicate selected objects, hold down the Opt/Alt key while rotating.

To reset the Orient annotation, double-click in a blank area of the current document.

Circle by 2 or 3 Points

Now you have a new tool to create circles. As opposed to the Ellipse Tool, Circle by 2 or 3 Points creates a circle that passes through two or three points. The location of these points is specified in the process of creating a circle. To create a circle by two points, take the Circle by 2 or 3 Points and simply define the location of two points by clicking in the right places through which the circle will pass.

To create a circle by three points, do the following sequence of actions:

Set the first point of the circle by clicking in the correct location, then release the mouse button and move the cursor to the place where the second point of the circle will be located. Click, setting this point, and without releasing the mouse button move the cursor to the place where the third point of the circle will be located. When position over the third point, release the mouse button.

Circle by 2 or 3 Points allows you to create a circumscribed circle easily.

Tangent Circle

This tool is designed to create a circle based on a tangent to it. In other words, you create an inscribed circle. For example, create an object that consists of two straight-line segments, take the Tangent Circle Tool and click on one of the segments. After clicking on the second segment, a dialog window opens where you can enter the desired radius of the circle.

This way, the circle can be created based on common tangents to the curved segment and the created circle.

Line tangent

Line tangent to two paths allows you to create common tangents to two existing paths. SubScribe will create points of these tangents at the only one possible area, no matter where you clicked. Two tangents in the image below are created with four mouse clicks.

Line tangent to path creates a tangent from the point selected by you to an existing path.

Line tangent from path creates a tangent from the chosen location of the existing path.

These tools are great for creating cylindrical and conical surfaces.

Line perpendicular

Line perpendicular to two paths allows creating common perpendiculars to two existing paths.

Line perpendicular to path creates a perpendicular from the chosen point to an existing path.

Line perpendicular from path creates a perpendicular from the chosen location of the existing path.

Line tangent and Line perpendicular are irreplaceable in complex constructions while creating technical illustrations.


Not all of the tools and features of SubScribe are described in this short article, so I invite you to click on the following link to learn more about SubScribe through a series of movies.

Author: Iaroslav Lazunov


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1 Andrew Buckle   (2012 May 15 05:00)
A really useful plugin set and free.. I have used it for a number of my projects.

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