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How To Crop a Photo in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

Probably the most frequently asked questions from users is ‘How can I crop an image?’. While the developers still have not taken care of the creation of such a tool, we know how to do it directly in Adobe Illustrator.

There is an interesting trick that will allow us to crop bitmap images. To demonstrate the technique I will use the Yellow pool float image from Shutterstock. Insert an image into the current document File > Place …. This may be Linked or Embedded image.

Keeping the image selected, click on the Mask button in the Control panel. This will create a clipping mask.

Now we can resize the bounding box of clipping path, choosing the cropping area.

Select the entire Clip Group and apply any blending mode other than Normal in the Transparency panel.

Now go to Object > Flatten Transparency … and choose the options shown in the picture below.

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