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How to Create Vintage Ornament Set with VectorScribe in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

Today you will learn how to create elements of the vintage ornament using PathScribe, Extend Path and Smart Remove Brush tools all found in the VectorScribe plug-in. These tools will help us to quickly and easily create patterns in the shape of knots and spirals. ColliderScribe will help us to position the elements accurately. To convert a uniform path to a variable width stroke path, we’ll use WidthScribe. Enjoy working with these great tools!

Precision and smart control of the anchors points with PathScribe Tool

Step 1

With the help of the PathScribe Tool (VectorScribe plug-in) we can control the handles of several selected points, allowing us to create fairly complex symmetrical shapes. Let’s create an ellipse, open the PathScribe panel (Window> VectorScribe> PathScribe panel) and take PathScribe Tool.

Holding down Shift, select the handle points A and B (you cannot perform such a natural action with the help of native Illustrator’s Tools). By default, in the Rotate numeric field set an angle of 180 degrees, click on the Rotate button.

Step 2

Now select the smooth points C and D, and then convert them into a corner, by clicking the Convert to corner point button in the PathScribe panel.

Using PathScribe Tool select handle points C and D.

Take a single handle and turn it towards into the shape. As you can see, all other points turned symmetrically.

Step 3

PathScribe Tool provides us with high accuracy in controlling the points. If necessary, you can set the exact length, angle of the handles and coordinates of the selection point in the PathScribe panel. I lengthened the handle of points A and B.

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