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How to Create GIF Animated Images with Camtasia Studio

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

All tutorials can be separated into two types according to the method of their production. These are written tutorials and video tutorials. Both of these types have their drawbacks. For example, it is sometimes very challenging to describe some techniques in written tutorials, however such techniques are very easy to demonstrate in video tutorials. On the other hand in the video tutorials it is hard to find the moment, which shows the required technique or tick, when the necessary phrase is pronounced, and so on. Also the quality of the video tutorial depends on the personal qualities of the author, such as narrator skills. So recently we started to increasingly encounter hybrid tutorials, that are written tutorials with animated images, demonstrating different actions of the author. And I’m sure that this is the best possible kind of tutorials today. Therefore, in today’s article we will cover one of the methods to create GIF animated images using Camtasia Studio software.

Step 1

Run Camtasia Studio app, then hit the Record the Screen in the dialog box or go to Tools > Record the Screen (Cmd / Ctrl + R).

As a result of these actions the Record panel and the capture area of images opens.

Step 2

Run or open the window of the application in which we will start capturing the video. In my case it is Adobe Illustrator. Drag the capture area to the necessary part of the screen and set its sizes in the Record panel.

Before recording, you should think about your actions and repeat them a few times, in order not to make unnecessary manipulations and avoid mistakes. Animated image should be very clear to your readers.

Step 3

Push the Record button in the Record panel.

You can read full version of this tutorial on

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