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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Vivid Vector Mosaic

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 12
Final Image Preview

You can download the source vector file for this tutorial

In this Adobe Illustrator Tutorial we will learn how to create vector mosaic in a few minutes. This Adobe Illustrator Tutorial is designated for beginners who are taking the first steps in mastering Adobe Illustrator. Such artworks are easy to create, however, they are in good demand at the stocks, such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe IllustratorCS-CS5;
  • Difficulty: Beginner;
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes;

Step 1

In our work the hardest thing is to pick up a suitable image. It should be bright and sharp. The image can be raster or even a vector, which, however, have to be converted to raster. I decided on the image shown below. This is a so-called bokeh effect. You can see how to create a similar effect here. Copy the found image to a hard drive of your computer and then insert into a running document (File> Place ...)

Step 2

The image must be embedded into the document, to do it, click Embed in the top toolbar. This button will appear when the image is selected.

Keep the image selected, go to Object> Transform> Rotate ... and set the rotation angle 45 degrees.

Step 3

Now go to Object> Create Object Mosaic ... Suppose, the value of a single cell mosaics will be equal to 50px. In order to obtain a square cell, enter the width and height of the image in the Number of Tiles field and divide by the width of the cell.

Also set the value of the distance between cells, I have 5px.

And press Ok button.

Step 4

Ungroup the created mosaic (Shift + Cmd / Crtl + G) and go to Effect> Convert to Shape> Rounded Rectangle ... and set the options listed below.

Step 5

Keeping it selected, go to Object> Expand Appearance, then Object> Transform> Rotate ... and set the angle of rotation equal to -45 degrees in order to return the mosaic to the original shape. Group up all the elements of the mosaic (Cmd / Crtl + G).

Step 6

Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a square of black color so that it could cover all the mosaic, and move it below all the objects (Shift + Cmd / Ctrl + [).

Our mosaic contains a lot of empty cells.

Take the Magic Wand Tool (Y) and select these cells, now press the Delete key.

Step 7

Mosaic has denticulate edge, let's hide this fact. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a square of any color (mine has a white fill) as shown below.

Now select all the objects (Cmd / Ctrl + A) and create a Clipping Mask (Cmd / Ctrl +7).


Applying different distorting effects to the mosaic, you can get interesting results, so never get tired of experimenting!

Final Image

You can download the source vector file for this tutorial

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Total comments: 11
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1 johnnyinternets   (2011 Jun 14 04:06)
wow, i never noticed Create Object Mosaic was there lol. Thanks for teaching me something new yet again! Good tutorial smile

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2 jaroslav   (2011 Jun 14 04:19)

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3 dorpon   (2011 Jun 17 09:54)
It's really good for me

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4 USA Free Driving Online Test   (2011 Jun 17 10:14)
Good tutorials thanks for sharing
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5 rajasegar   (2011 Jun 20 00:29)
Great tutorial and techniques well explained!
Thanks for sharing...
Bookmarked & Featured in Tutorials of the Week!!

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6 Sharon Milne   (2011 Jun 27 06:49)
I really like the end result of this, one I'm going to try myself for sure!

0   Spam
7 jaroslav   (2011 Jun 27 06:52)
Shar, Wellcome!

0   Spam
8 jaroslav   (2011 Oct 11 01:05)
Wellcome Andrea! I like creative people biggrin

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9 kolpaque   (2012 Apr 06 12:32)
Someone help me.

When i apply rounded rectangle effect and then group image and transform back on 45 degrees, the whole image is not transforming, but all the separate little rectangles are being transformed/rotated and it creates a mess. But when i DO NOT apply rounded rectangle effect, it transforms perfectly fine.

What am i doing wrong? Can anyone identify from what i described?


-n00b biggrin

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10 jaroslav   (2012 Apr 06 13:24)
After appluing rounded rectangle effect you should go to Object > Expand Appearance

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11 kolpaque   (2012 Apr 07 00:13)
aha, i missed it, thanks!

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