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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Apply a Duotone Effect to Vector Artwork

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

With the help of Phantasm CS, you can apply a Duotone Effect or Filter to both vector artwork and embedded images directly in Adobe Illustrator. It is the equivalent function of Photoshop’s Duotone tool, even with the ability to directly exchange settings.

We will look how to apply this effect to your vector artwork in this article.



The Duotone effect is the reproduction of an image by overlapping a contrasting color — usually black — over another color which represents a halftone (as in shades of a ink). Most often, this effect is used to better reproduce medium and bright shades of monochrome images, where it is not possible to convey all the shades when printing with black ink only. For the color of the halftones, blue, yellow, brown and red colors are often used. The use of warm colors (yellow, brown, red) is called Sepia toning. To reproduce monochrome image, you can use 3 "Tritone” and 4 "Quadtone” colors. Duotone is often used in printing, design and advertising.

Note: the Phantasm CS Duotone Effect and Filter tools allow for genuine ink-based duotone results where each color tone used may be a process or spot ink which then separates correctly for printing. However, it is also possible to mix spot and process, or exclusively use CMYK process colors for each color tone.


You can read this tutorial on Asturegraphics Blog

Tutorial is Filled with Professional Creative Instructions.

You can view some key images from this tutorial below.

You can read this vector tutorial on Asturegraphics Blog

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