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AG’s Dynamic Corners and Adobe’s Live Corners Features – The Differences

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

Today we will look at the differences between Astute Graphics’ Dynamic Corners found in the VectorScribe plug-in and Adobe’s Live Corners. This follows numerous request for this information following Adobe’s launch of Live Corners earlier in the Creative Cloud’s existence .

We will analyze and compare the features for accuracy, convenience and number of functions.

1. Let’s begin by looking at point alignment… With the help of Adobe’s Live Corners, we cannot achieve accurate placement of corner end points with adjacent segments when the rounded corner:

  • comes to the end of the path
  • meets an adjacent live corner end point
  • comes to an adjacent anchor point

Astute Graphics’ Dynamic Corners feature provides accurate points alignment in all these cases

Crucially, when two Dynamic Corners meet, only a single point is created at the merge position removing the risk of unwanted redundant points.

2. Astute Graphics’ Dynamic Corners use an additional mid-point on the corner when the angle is less than 90° as it ensures a more accurate and true radius.

3. We can remove a rounding radius by double clicking on the corner point of Astute Graphics’ Dynamic Corners. Adobe’s Live Corners do not have this function.

4. Adobe’s Live Corners sometimes incorrectly identify curved segments in artwork as a Live Corner. This leads to strange effects when changing radius and can be illustrated well with a simple circle example. However this problem does not exist when we use Astute Graphics’ Dynamic Corners.

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