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5 Ways to your Heart with Astute Graphics Plug-ins

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Techniques/ Comments: 0

Today, we'll look at five ways to draw stylized hearts that will be useful for creating greeting cards. It will be a simple and quick job if you use the tools I recommend in this article. Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Creating a Valentine's Day Card with paper hearts.

It is quite difficult to draw a beautifully shaped heart with the help of drawing tools. But this can be done very quickly using the Dynamic Shapes tool of the VectorScribe plug-in. Simply select the Dynamic Heart in the Dynamic Shapes panel (Window > VectorScribe > Dynamic Shapes panel), create the shape using the Dynamic Shapes Tool and select the parameters.

Fill the heart with a linear gradient from alternating shades of red, as shown in the picture below.

Add drop shadow with the corresponding effect (Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow…).

The red paper heart is ready. Duplicate the heart and change the fill gradient. This time it consists of alternating white and pink colors.

Create a postcard shape using the Rectangle Tool or Dynamic Rectangle. Fill this shape with a radial gradient consisting of two shades of pink.

Create a dotted texture on this background. Duplicate the lower rectangle and apply the Phantasm Halftone effect (Effect > Phantasm > Halftone…) to it, with the parameters as shown in the picture below.

Using the Clipping Mask, hide the points that go beyond the shape of the lower rectangle. Create a new rectangle with a white stroke and apply the Drop Shadow effect to it.

Create a simple composition of red and white hearts, then add the appropriate text.

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