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Visualization of keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Applications with the Help of New Interactive Tool

posted by: Eugene S. Chiayinickh, in Illustrator Tips / Small Tutorials/ Comments: 0

Our Belgian friend, Waldo Bronchart, who is a software developer, an illustrator, and a designer from New York, where he currently works in Brooklyn Studio TURBO, often pleases his graphic applications users with the developments posted in public domains.

So, he developed interactive web-application Keyboard Shortcuts Visualizer for a variety of graphic applications like Adobe, Autodesk, which allows a user to find a combination of keys to invoke the desired command or select a tool.

Simply click on this link when one of the applications – Adobe CC, Blender or any other (check out the full list of applications below) - is open in order to start using this interactive web-utility.

Two British colleagues – Joshua Pagin and Shaun Cleary in tight cooperation with the team, which is a daughter company of Kustom Design Printing Limited, specially adapted this web-application for a product line Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustartor and InDesign. ).

Click on this link when one or more Adobe CC applications are active (Photoshop, Illustartor, InDesign,Premiere, Lightroom, After Effects, and Dreamweaver, too.) to start using it.

I offer you an overview of exactly this British version of the web-utility which is called Adobe Keyboard Visualizer.

In Adobe CC applications the special place is given to combination of keys for every conceivable task. Unfortunately, not very many designers understand what a powerful tool these key combinations are.

But if you are an avid user of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesing than you might be familiar with the basic commands that are performed by pressing the combinations of keys.

I’m talking here about commands cut, copy, and paste (Cmd + X/C/V) and may be even about basic keyboard commands of main tools selection. But did you know that there are literary hundreds of other commands programmed into each Adobe application? Probably not, since they always remain unnoticed by the user.

Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer are interactive pages in browser the aim of which is to solve problems that users have when choosing this or that combination of keys used for invoking the commands or selecting the tools. “Visualizer” shows the majority of combinations of keys in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on the virtual keyboard.

Introduction to Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer

Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer creates in web-browser a virtual keyboard on which more than 1000 hot keys for applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are displayed.

How Adobe Keyboard Shortcut Visualizer works

01. Application selection

Select the application for which the combination of keys should be displayed (Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign).

02. The choice of operating system

Depending on operating system on the platform of which Adobe applications are installed, they behave differently. That’s why our next step is the choice of the operating system that you have installed.

03. Modification keys

Turn on or off the modification keys (Option/Alt, Cmd/Ctrl, Shift or any other) to be able to see more shortcuts.

04. View of the enlarged label features of the hot keys

If it appears to you that labels on virtual keyboard are hard to read, this is not a problem - simply move the cursor to any key. The name of the command or the tool which it is responsible for, when the cursor is above the key will be displayed in bigger font above the virtual keyboard.

05. The context choice (optional)

By default, the utility shows the combination of keys for global context of this or that application (meaning the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts). However, if you’d like to see the hotkeys for a particular tool, mode or window, use the window above the virtual keyboard to select the desired context.

06. Search of custom keyboards shortcuts (optional)

If you need to find combination of shortcuts which have been already installed by the user in the application then you can use built-in search function (its window is displayed a little bit above the virtual keyboard). Simply start typing in search window and the search system itself will be looking for hotkeys.

Download some wallpapers for your desktop

If you want to save a handy reference of the most frequently used keys for Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign you can also download cute wallpapers for your desktop created by FastPrint command.

Unlike most other wallpapers, they are available for Mac and PC keyboards (no more CTRL/CMD conflicts!). Wallpapers are available for all conceivable screen resolutions (including iPad screens).

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