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Shortcuts for ColliderScribe

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Basix/ Comments: 0
Shortcuts for ColliderScribe plugin Adobe Illustrator

ColliderScribe is a simple toolset for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to position shapes accurately, placing any object precisely next to another when it touches. I hope you have already experienced it (if not, download a 14 day free trial now!). Today’s guide is devoted to speeding up your workflow with ColliderScribe by using keyboard the shortcuts available. This information, along with the ColliderScribe’s instructional product movies, will help you get the most from this unique toolset!

Snap to Collision tool

While marqueeing:

Shift – toggle the selection state.

Esc – cancels the marquee operation.

While dragging objects:

Shift – constrain movement to 45° angles around the constrain angle.

Option / Alt – Duplicate objects.

S – Toggle collision spacing on and off.

You can read full version of this tutorial on Astute Graphics

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