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How to Remove Gaussian Blur Limitation in Adobe Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Basix/ Comments: 3

When Gaussian Blur with a large blur radius was applied to the object, we can observe the cutoff of some part of the effect, as if Clipping Mask was applied to the object. In this short tutorial we will learn how to remove the restriction.

Create any vector object and apply Gaussian Blur effect (Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur…) to it with the blur radius of 50px.

As you can see, the effect has sharp edges and this, I'm sure, is not what we want to have. In order to remove the Gaussian Blur effect limitations go to the Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings… and increase the value in a numeric field "Add: ___ Around Object". It was found by experiment that the new value must be a triple of blur radius, i.e. 50px * 3 = 150px.

So now our effect is not limited by anything.

I want to underline, a numeric field "Add:  ___ Around Object" has the limitation equal to 720px which corresponds to 240px of blur radius.

Total comments: 3
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1 jeanetmarie (byjms)   (2013 Mar 08 08:28)
Thanks. You are the man. Cheers

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2 Marco Saluzzo   (2013 Jul 18 05:15)
Thank you for sharing this most useful information.

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3 Kristina   (2014 Oct 23 20:05)
Thank you! I could not figure out why this was happening.

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