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How to Choose a Good Monitor for Graphic Design

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Illustrator Tips / Basix/ Comments: 1

The internet, in particular e-forums are known to be the most helpful source of the information for selection of any technological device. The more popular the device to be selected, the more information may be obtained about it from current and former owners. But there is lack of comments as concerned professional, rare and expensive equipment. We typically have to rely upon the seller’s opinion. But can be the seller good adviser? Monitors for designers, photographers and printers are considered to be one of these examples.

The main requirement for a monitor to be used in a design environment is high quality color reproduction. This article contains the description of main criteria for the monitor selection.


LCD or CRT-Monitor?

CRT monitors are good in color gradation reproduction by inherently lending themselves to a wide possible color gamut, and have a large angle of view. But the production of CRT monitors was terminated some years ago, stock resources were sold, while purchasing of used CRT monitors can be more like lottery. Therefore, the answer is evident — irrespective of LCD monitor’s performance, we just have to use them. Thankfully, there are many models of modern LCD monitors which are rather good in color reproduction.

Size and Resolution

In general, the initial choice of the monitor is based on its size. The majority of buyers consider that the bigger the monitor, the better. This results in the choice being determined by available funds. 30-inch monitors look like "luxurious” ones, however they are not so convenient in operation as it may first appear. Being at a standard working distance, the user has to turn his head all the time.


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