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Free vector scatter brushes from Oleg Levashov

posted by: Oleg Levashov, in Freebies / Free Vectors/ Comments: 0

Hi, my name is Oleg. I’m a big fan of vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely adore black and white graphics and comic art illustration. Unfortunately an illustration, created by means of one of vector graphics editors, quite often looks too artificial and stiffly. These works don't make people feel so called 'trembling of the hand' which traditional worksdo. But in spite of this I'm sure Adobe Illustrator goesbetter for such illustrations and it is much better than traditional pen and ink or Adobe Photoshop.

License: This vector can be used for any personal and commercial projects, but it cannot be sold or spread in any other way.

Adobe Illustrator hasextremely flexible tools for each stage of work. We can do experiments directly during the work process. A lot of technical stages of work just disappear due to Adobe Illustrator and this allows you to focus on the art conception and not on the routine tasks. A big plus is technological effectiveness and quite small file size of vector graphics. In a nutshell, all these factors increase significantly productivity and quality.

I draw only for pleasure in my spare time (I have an interesting job and I like it, therefore I don’t have much free time for drawing). I use Adobe Illustrator CS5 Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Also I always use a pencil, a piece of paper, a photo camera, a scanner and the Internet, where I can find a lot of amazing and talented people, whogiveme huge inspiration!

I usually carry out all common phases such asmaking sketches, line art, inking and coloring in Adobe Illustrator CS5. I constantly try to optimize my creative process. At the same time I try to use only standard tools of Adobe Illustrator CS5 for all my tasks. I avoid using brushes, scripts and plugins (though I installedmany of them). Sometimes I use Craft Tool from the Filter iT4 plugin (Valley, Inc.) and almost always I use my favorite plugin Phantasm CS Studio from Astute Graphicsfor the final color correction. It is hard to imagine how I can work with the color in Adobe Illustrator CS5 without this plugin.

I don’t work with stocks and don't sell my drawings. Drawing is Art for me. Almost everything I do (brush, styles, resources, etc) are available under the Creative Commons license for free, and if you are interested in them, you can download the source and use them for your own needs. I wish you all good luck and creative inspiration. Share your creativity and, as they say, ‘Keep your vector!’ Hurray to Adobe Illustrator!

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