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A Free Vector from Natalia Sheinkin

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Today Natalia Sheinkin from Melbourne will share a few vector packs with us. These are 25 symbols, 20 users’ icons in flat design style, halftone font and woman’s silhouettes. Natasha will tell us about herself and her path to microstock sites.

License: This vector can be used for any personal and commercial projects but may not be sold or distributed in any form.

My name is Natasha. For the last two years I’ve been living in Australia, in Melbourne. Before I moved to Australia, I lived in Israel for 15 years. In Israel I completed degree in Psychology and I used to work with people who needed psychological help.

I loved drawing since childhood. I was particularly encouraged to draw on my desk during Geography classes as well as on edges of newspapers and covers of notebooks. For a long time I dreamt to go to an art school, but I couldn’t find time because I was already going to the music school (which I enjoyed a lot). When I turned 14, the study at the music school was over, I went to the art school. But after four-hour-drawing of a jug, my desire to learn how to draw disappeared forever. So I didn’t draw since that time, but I still think that sooner or later I will do it.

Once, when I was already an adult, I came across an article- it said that you could earn well by selling your photos on microstock sites. I always wanted to learn how to photograph. It also seemed to be very easy for me. I registered on one of the websites and sent 10 pictures that to me seemed to be the height of perfection. Of course none of them passed. Having read about photography and about earnings on photo stocks I already felt like a real photographer and a millionaire. That’s why abandoning this idea was difficult for me, so I continued studying the subject.

In 2010, while reading about microstocks, I found a blog “Microstock Ilustrator’s Notes”. How this blog inspired me! It was not about photography, it was about drawing for microstocks. I took a couple of work tutorials in Adobe Illustrator and sent 10 works for the exam on Shutterstock. And they passed! It was amazing and I felt very happy. In a day I saw that one of my pictures was sold. I bet everyone who draws for photostocks remembers this delight. I was so excited that I was jumping up and down in my apartment! It was absolutely amazing that somebody, on the other side of the world has decided to buy my drawing. Probably, money has never brought me bigger joy than these first 25 cents.

Since then I draw for micro stocks. I say ‘draw’ because it is easier to say, but the biggest part of work could hardly be called drawing. It is more elements of design: backgrounds, frames, textures.

I like doing it very much. I like drawing while simultaneously listening to an audio book; I like figuring out new tutorials and read new blogs on drawing; I like checking in the morning what and where was sold when I was asleep.

I guess, my story won’t be complete if I don’t mention that in the beginning I often had a feeling that nothing works out and I wanted to drop the idea many times. But this was a long time ago.

My drawings are mostly sold on Shutterstock, but if you’re more comfortable buying them on any other platforms you can always write to me:

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