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9 free vector illustrations from Andrew Bzh

posted by: Andrew Bzhytskyh, in Freebies / Free Vectors/ Comments: 0

Hello my drawing, creative and just simply swinging by and stopping-to-take-a-look friends! My name is Andrew Bzh and I want to share some of my vector works with you.

License: works can be used only for personal purposes. You need to contact me directly for commercial use of my works.

I started drawing in vector relatively recently, in 2013. During this time I tried different methods and styles and until now I cannot stop at one particular style. Therefore my works differ between one another greatly. And certainly my following works will be different as well. And this is very pleasing. It means there’s movement, I’m still learning, it’s not getting boring!

I mostly draw for microstocks, periodically make some orders for illustrations, I generally earn by freelancing, I keep travelling in this amazing world and try not to make it bored of me.

Some of you might like my works, some of you might have questions- please write to me! I’d be happy to talk to you!

You can contact me by my mail:

Author’s portfolio:

T-shirts, phone covers, blankets and pillows with my drawings

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