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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Rotate Randomly Located Objects at a Certain Angle

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Freebies / Free Scripts/ Comments: 6

Surely almost every vector artist faced the situation when he needs to rotate a randomly located object at a certain angle. A famous designer, the creator of the Free Mesh Tormentor plug-in Iaroslav Tabachkovsky will help us to solve this problem. He developed the script RotateAsTop for Adobe Illustrator which possesses all selected objects at the same angle.

To show how the script works we will create a couple of arrows with the Pen Tool (P) and the Stroke Panel which are arranged and rotated in a random order.

Now let’s create a horizontal arrow.  As we can see, this object is above the other objects.

Select everything and start the PathRotateAsTop (File > Scripts > PathRotateAsTop ). All the objects turned in the same way as the upper horizontal arrow


Install the scripts into the following folder:

For Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts  

For Mac: Applications /Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts

You can download the RotateAsTop script by clicking on the button below.


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Total comments: 6
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1 Casque Beats   (2012 Sep 24 12:47)
Thank you. I was looking for this illustrator script.

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2 TraimaLip   (2012 Sep 28 21:57)
Thanks for these illustrator scripts, iaroslav

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3 Hoainam   (2013 Jun 08 05:54)
Sorry, I login but don't see the download button. Please help me. Thank you

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4 namooney   (2013 Jun 08 05:58)
I've downloaded myself. Sorry ^^

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6 jaroslav   (2013 Jun 08 06:01)
No problem

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5 jaroslav   (2013 Jun 08 06:00)
The first download button places below of the ad banner on the top of the post
The second one places above "More tutorials:" text on the bottom of the article.

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