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How to Reset Text Objects and Bitmap Images to Horizontal Position in Illustrator

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Freebies / Free Scripts/ Comments: 13

Today we present script, which allows you resetting the text objects and bitmap images to horizontal position. The script removes the transformation Scale, Rotate, and Shear for bitmap objects, and Rotate and Shear for text objects. The Script was developed by Iaroslav Tabachkovsky.

You can download the "Clear Transform" script by clicking the Download button on this page.

Install the scripts into the following folder, for example:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts
  • For Mac:  Applications / Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts

Let's create three text objects to demonstrate the work of the script; rotate two of them to any angles, and apply the Shear transformation to the third text. As you can see, one of the rotated text objects is also shrunk to its width. Paste two bitmap images into the current document, rotate and deform them randomly.

Select all the objects and go to the File > Script > Clear Transform. As you can see, our text objects and bitmap images got back to the horizontal position.

The Bounding box retains the same angle of all the objects, with no exceptions.

Go to Object > Transform > Reset Bounding box.

To restore the proportions of the text, open the Character panel (Window > Type > Character), and then set the value of 100% in the Horizontal Scale field. Or just click on the icon located near this field while holding down the Cmd / Ctrl keys. This will restore the default value.

I'd like to share with you another way of returning the text object into its original position with no application of the script. On the figure below you can see the text object, which is rotated at a random angle, and moreover, the Shear transformation is applied to it.

Take the Type Tool (T) and select the entire text.

Copy or cut the selected text (Cmd / Ctrl + C or Cmd / Ctrl + X). Now take the Selection Tool (V), then take the Type Tool (T) and click on the blank area of the current document. Paste the text (Cmd / Ctrl + V) (08).

We hope, that now you'll have one problem less while working with text and bitmap objects in Adobe Illustrator.

Total comments: 13
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1 LL   (2013 Apr 15 07:49)
Hi, nice script thanks for sharing. I was wondering if it could be modified to also include normal path items and symbols as well?

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2 jaroslav   (2013 Apr 15 08:00)
Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I'll ask the developer.
BTW You can reset symbol transformation without any scripts. Select "Reset Transformation" in the fly-out menu of the Symbols panel.

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3 LL   (2013 Apr 17 11:49)
Ok, thanks. I am looking forward to hear what you find out, that would be wonderful for "pathItems" and "symbols" via script.

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4 Flant   (2013 May 09 20:21)
This is awesome and very handy but it doesn't work with images that are inside masks or groups. Kind of annoying

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5 LL   (2013 May 31 11:20)
@ Jaroslov, has there been any feedback to offer? It has been a few months ;-)

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6 jaroslav   (2013 May 31 11:56)
Unfortunately I am not a script developer.

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7 LL   (2013 Jun 04 22:41)
I know, but you said on April 15th above "I'll ask the developer." so I was wondering about any update. biggrin

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8 jaroslav   (2013 Jun 04 23:11)
We have more substantial upgrade now

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9 LL   (2013 Jun 08 13:54)
"We have more substantial upgrade now"

Huh? That is a totally different plug-in with nothing to do with this script or my question? sad

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10 jaroslav   (2013 Jun 08 14:16)
OK, Can you pay for the script?  smile

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11 LL   (2013 Jun 17 19:11)
I could, but are we finally talking about the same thing now.  tongue

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12 lovevhs3   (2013 Aug 24 03:54)
Nice script thanks for sharing

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13 Samantha Weitzel   (2014 Jul 11 02:08)
How is the plugin going for resetting the transformation of 'path items' contained within a symbol? I would love to have a script that could do that. :)

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