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Free Adobe Illustrator Script - One Direction Paths

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Freebies / Free Scripts/ Comments: 0

Today we present you some useful script for Adobe Illustrator. This script has been designed by a talented Ukrainian developer – Iaroslav Tabachkovsky, who is also known as the developer of the Free Mesh Tormentor Plugin. The One Direction Paths script directs multi-directional paths into one direction.

Recently the tutorial "How to Create Vector Hatching and Embossed Pattern" was published on our website. However, there was a problem in turning multidirectional paths into one direction. Now the problem is solved! Iaroslav has designed the script that does this work in the twinkling of an eye. You can download One Direction Paths script by clicking on Download in the beginning or at the end of this article.

Install the scripts into the following folder, for example:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts
  • For Mac:  Applications / Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts

To demonstrate the script's work I will use the intermediate step from the mentioned tutorial. As you can see, our paths are multidirectional.

Select all the paths, and then go to the File > Script > Path One Direction. Just a couple of seconds and all the paths have the same direction.

All the paths have direction of the upper hatching path. This is a special feature of the script. In order to reverse the paths direction you just need to reverse the direction of the upper path with the help of the Pen Tool (P), and then select all the paths and again launch the script. You can also create a new path which has the right direction and after you select all the paths, start the script again.

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