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Free Illustrator Plugin: SubScribe - Take the Guess Work Out of Drawing

posted by: Nicholas van der Walle, in Freebies / Free Plug-ins/ Comments: 0

SubScribe is a free plug-in from Astute Graphics with a set of essential tools for Adobe Illustrator - all for FREE! These tools speed up your workflow by helping you in both every day simple tasks to more complex and precise ones. SubScribe is available for Adobe Illustrator users on Windows and Mac with versions CS5, CS6 and CC.

About SubScribe

SubScribe is a creative workflow enhancement tool for all designers using Illustrator. It enables you to draw technically and stay creative at the same time.

Here’s a few tool highlights:

• Align your artwork in seconds - quickly and accurately

• Draw circles/arcs by two or three points

• Connect between two curves at right angles with precision and speed

• Draw line tangents to or from curves

• Connect open paths with two clicks

• Flip any path segment to its horizontal/vertical equivalent

The Orient Tool - Align your artwork with just a few clicks, no need to zoom in to check - SubScribe will get it perfect for you!

SubScribe - Take the Guess Work Out of Drawing

These tools from the SubScribe plug-in will very quickly become invaluable in your creative process, so download for free now:

To Get Your Free License Key:

Visit SubScribe’s product page on our website. Here you will be able to submit your email address to automatically receive your free license key. You will then be able to download SubScribe from the same product page to start experimenting and having fun straightaway!

Free Movies and Tutorials

The Astute Graphics blog has regular tutorials on how to use all of our plug-ins to achieve a variety of creative results. You can also watch movies to show you how to maximize the potential of each toolset, all of which are specifically designed to keep inspiration flowing whilst saving you time and money!

"The more I use this tool, the more ways I find to use it every day”

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