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Next update of Mesh Tormentor plugin(version 0.35.1 Beta) for Adobe Illustrator now available.

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Freebies / Free Plug-ins/ Comments: 26
I have great news for everyone who uses Gradient Mesh in their artworks. There is the next update of Mesh Tormentor plugin version 0.35.1 available. This plugin has earned praise of illustrators from over the world. Mesh Tormentor allows you to make manual and tedious work with the Gradient Mesh automated, extending the standard features of Adobe Illustrator. Today I'm inviting you to participate in beta testing of these updates.

You can   Download  Mesh Tormentor for Windows EN; Windows RU; MAC EN by clicking the Download button on this page.

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Total comments: 25
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1 johnnyinternets   (2012 Jan 27 06:07)
Excellent stuff. The 2nd video got me very excited for what's coming with Mesh Tormenor in the future. Good work!

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2 jaroslav   (2012 Jan 27 06:10)
Thankyou biggrin

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3 fatbean   (2012 Feb 06 01:41)
I have try the stip one, really amazing.But I try the 'color dream' ,it's not work as video show,not thing happen. Because the video has no sound, I can't figure out which step I go wrong wink . ~Help~

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4 jaroslav   (2012 Feb 06 02:13)
You can ask developer on his facebook page

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5 fatbean   (2012 Feb 06 22:21)
OK,thanks for help smile

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6 HP   (2012 Apr 10 03:34)
have posted on facebook via your formular, and can NOT DOWNLOAD this tool sad

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7 jaroslav   (2012 Apr 10 03:42)
Thanks for your respond. I'll check it and in any case I'll send you the plug-in via email.

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8 HP   (2012 Apr 10 03:44)
thx smile

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9 jaroslav   (2012 Apr 10 04:44)
I've fixed the error. Now the button works good.

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10 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 09:23)
How do I bring up the tools after installing? I can't find a way to do it. cry

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11 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 09:27)
You can see it in the Window menu (Window > Mesh Tormentor)

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12 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 09:39)
Yeah. It was listed alphabetically with the other window pallets. The last place to look for it. biggrin Thanks.

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13 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 09:41)
No problem, dear friend biggrin

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14 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 09:45)
I am overlapping my meshes on separate layers because I hope to crop everything to get the nice vector edges when I am finished. What is the best way to combine everything to do that? Do I need to activate a specific tool before I click on your plugin?

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15 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 09:52)
Sorry, I don't get it. Do you want to merge layers?

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16 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 10:12)
I'm just coming in from Photoshop and I am under the assumption that overlapping objects are a bad thing. Which certainly can be the case in PS. smile I only recently discovered vector meshes in Illustrator. Wow! I always thought Illustrator was just an expensive 2D drawing program.

Yes, I suppose I want to merge the layers in a way that will crop the unwanted stuff and get rid of it.

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17 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 11:09)
OK, Select layers, than click on Flatten Artwork in the flu-out menu in the Layers panel. Use Clipping Mask to cropping gradient mesh (You should create cropping path (regular path) then select the path and gradient mesh or meshes. Now use Cmd + 7 shortcut.
By the way I use one layer in my operation. Illustrator is not Photoshop. It has other philosophy (object instead layer). Although layers is very useful as well wink

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18 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 12:32)
I was following a tutorial that said to do everything in pieces but they never said what to do with the pieces. I've been lost ever since. sad Thanks.

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19 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 12:59)
What a tutorial do you mean?

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20 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 13:24)
Internet tutorial from another site. I'm trying to do petals on a flower and it would make sense to do it in overlapping pieces that can be cropped and combined later. I just need to figure out the best way of approaching an image with Gradient Mesh. A single mesh would make sense for some images, and several overlapping meshes would make sense for the complex images.

I need to make a razor sharp edge from one color to another color for each of the petals.

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21 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 14:00)
Better to use a rectangle as the base form. Then transform the rectangular gradient mesh to the desired shape. You can see this technics in my tutorial here (steps 17-18)

There are many many many techniques smile

Do you know that you can change opacity of the mesh nodes?

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22 vectorscribble   (2012 Aug 23 15:52)
My shapes were all made from rectangles that I bent with the rotate tool. I need to look up the clipping mask in Illustrator. That sounds like the way to go. A single flower petal has many gradients. Then there is another flower petal that overlaps and clips off the petals below it. A vector edge would do very nicely. smile

Do you have a set of instructions for your tormentor pallet?

Wow opacity with the mesh nodes? Is this a native feature to Illustrator or is it something that MeshTormentor enables?

Can I change the Blend Mode of a mesh node? (I'm a poet eh?)

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23 jaroslav   (2012 Aug 23 20:50)
>Do you have a set of instructions for your tormentor pallet?

> Is this a native feature to Illustrator or is it something that MeshTormentor enables?
It's a native feature to Illustrator (CS5-CS6)

>Can I change the Blend Mode of a mesh node?

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24 kalamata   (2012 Nov 21 18:10)
I install the plugin but I don't see the SEW tool.

Could you help me?

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25 jaroslav   (2012 Nov 22 00:04)
Sew meshes feature is now represented by three buttons on the bottom row to the left

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