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5 Things You Need to Ponder on When Revamping a Website

posted by: Celina Conner, in Articles / Web Roundups/ Comments: 0

As your company and business evolve, so should your website. You don't build one and leave it there for years without managing it actively. Staticwebsites are such a bore nowadays, since people are more attracted todynamism and interactivity online.


If you think that you're notgaining much online presence as you want of your website is not garneringsale leads as it aims to have, you should consider revamping your website. Start by assessing its current look, feel and traffic and move from there. In this article, we will guide you on the five essentials you need toponder on when revamping a website.

Go for Functionality

Every part of our body serves its purpose. Similarly, in a website, thenavigation header should be carefully made and designed as to address theneeds of visitors in navigating through your website. The point is thateach section and element must be linked to what your visitors' needs andwants. Don't put in parts and pages that only look good.

For instance, if you think that the weather widget is not helpful or doesnot have any relevance to your topic, then remove it. Conversely, if yourwebsite is about providing weather forecasts, installing widgets withtemperature updates and live news feeds about the weather is deemed assignificant.

Think about how you can improve certain functions of your website. Makesure that you Site Map, Contact, FAQs and About pages are easily seen.These are general components that should be present in any website.

blog for traffic

Google Analytics is a free and handy tool to learn and study your websitetraffic's demographics. In this tool, you will see how many of yourvisitors come from the US, Europe, and other countries. You will see howmany of them are using mobile browsers and web browsers, how they arrivedat your website, the keywords mostly used to land at your site and etc.These information are valuable to help you determine how you should beredesigning your website catering to target audiences.

Get Feedback from Your Visitors

In giving your website a "facelift," it's much better if you can ask yourcustomers directly on what improvements they would want to see. You can dosurveys and participate in forums to get people's feedback. You can alsoask for your friends' unbiased opinions for a fresh perspective. List downall comments you receive and highlight those calling for action. Deliverthe changes it an interesting way and in a creative format. Don't forget tothank your visitors after the reconstruction of your site. Make them feelappreciated as they will be part of your upcoming website success.

Use Quality Images

Even if you don't have animations and fancy designs in your website, youshould have good quality images to show professionalism and invite thereader's eyes. Set aside budget to purchase images with good quality. Ifnot, take a really high-definition camera and take photos yourself. Whenreaders are kept captivated and spellbound, drawing them back to yourwebsite will be more likely. As well, you will get to increase onlineprominence and number of referrals. What entails next is conversion, boostin sales and client base.

Drawing pens

Posting great and unique content is fundamental in every website. If yourwebsite is made to sell and market your products, your content should besales-oriented. But don't make the mistake of exaggerating your sales pitcha lot. Write articles related to your offerings concisely withoutunnecessary rigmaroles to lead your market to purchasing your product. Thetone should be informative as it should be persuasive but not forcingcustomers to buy. Insert snippets of trivia and show your personalitythrough your posts to excite visitors. What's also important is to haveconstant updates. So if you think your writing won't impress viewers andyou can't keep up with providing regular and frequent news, a good idea isto hire a copywriter.


A considerably decent website is one that is composed of strong design andcontent. More than a pretty face on the Internet, your website shouldcontain comprehensive product information to target market. Plan wisely toearn positive impressions from both new visitors and returning ones alike.Remember, you website reflects much about your business. Good luck!

Author bio:

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Multimedia and Graphics Design at Martin CollegeAustralia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has apassion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow heradventures on her Twitter.

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