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Tips for designing a successful logo for brand identity

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Web Roundups/ Comments: 0

Building brand identity is a major component for building brand awareness and successful growth. A huge factor of brand identity is the company logo, essentially the signifying factor for the customer that the product or service they are using is the end product of a certain company’s creation. Building the perfect logo may seem like a relatively simple task, as they are typically rather simple (think the infamous Nike “swoosh”). However, the task of designing a company logo is probably even more complicated than one could initially conceive due to the fact that the end product must be so simple. Essentially, there can be no confusion, wishy-washiness or extra parts. The logo must include just what is necessary and nothing more.

When setting out to design a company logo, it is important to establish a design process, that will ensure proper research has been conducted and gives you the best chance for end success. The first step of the design process should be to discuss the concept with the clients themselves. Try to gain a visualization of their ideas. Even if they don’t have a visual in mind, discussing their idea of their brand identity may provide necessary inspiration for the designer. Next, research what is currently going on in the industry. What is the logo history of the industry as well as what are the trends happening currently? Companies want to appear up to date on current knowledge, providing security for their customers that they are getting the best version of the product or service and therefore an outdated logo design will not be sufficient.

Designing the logo itself requires a system of checks. Firstly, the logo must be simple. This allows for easy recognition, it can be used on many mediums and the simplistic nature will make it easily memorable. Furthermore, it should be unique. This will also enhance the memorability of the logo and will help it to stand out among competitors. It should also be appropriate to the company and the industry, for example, if you are designing for a product intended for children, the logo should reflect that with bright colors and interesting shapes.

The logo should also be versatile, meaning that it can be modified in different colors or sizes while still being recognizable. Also consider services like, that can professionally enhance brand identity when the logo is printed on various mediums such as stickers or stamps. Building a logo that can work on different textures will ensure versatility.

Lastly, you want to ensure that the logo can endure the ages. Think to yourself “will this still look relevant 10 years from now? What about 20?”. Designing a logo for longevity means that it doesn’t need to be changed multiple times and will be extremely effective for brand awareness and identity.

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