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New generation of vector tools from Adobe

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Web Roundups/ Comments: 0

At the October Adobe MAX conference 2014 the new generation of vector tools was introduced, which will be available in future application releases. In this article you can see the work of early beta versions of Shaper Tool and ShapeShade Tool, which are designed to make the work with vector forms more advanced and convenient. Soon vector objects will acquire some of the properties of real physical objects…

Shaper Tool

This tool will allow you to perform a multiple form collision. That is your paths would acquire a physical shell to which the snapping will be performed. You could also deform one object with the help of the other object during collision.

Zigzag gestures made by stylus of the Shaper Tool allow you to delete the parts of crossing objects or the entire shape completely.

More advanced snapping of objects allows moving points along existing paths.

Don’t you find that many of these functions except deformation might already exist in Astute Graphics plug-ins? Collision — ColliderScribe; removing of part of the objects by strikethrough — DynamicSketch. I hope, this is not a plagiarism, but simply a ‘collective consciousness’ of the developers.

Shape Shade Tool

The tool is designed for quick form creation, which could be used as logos, icons, as well as in typographic and so on. Most likely, this tool will become a part of applications for mobile devices and will be controlled by the touch screen. With the help of the Shape Shade Tool you can round the angles and deform the object with your fingers. The mirror mode will allow you creation of symmetric forms quickly. There are form templates that can be used in negative mode, i.e. subtract the template form from the existing object. And such shaping won’t be destructive.

The combination of functions of Shape Shade with pattern creation mode allows you to make simple forms and cute seamless patterns quickly.

Now I’m tormented by strange doubts: Mirror reflection mode- MirrorMe plug in.

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