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New Features of Dreamweaver CC

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Web Roundups/ Comments: 0

Adobe Dreamweaver is web design and developing application for creating websites and applications for use on multiple targets including browsers, devices, and tablets. Web-designers use Dreamweaver to create website prototypes using web-friendly artwork. Using CSS inspectors and tools you can create standard-based websites and applications that will easily flow across multiple screens. Web-developers use Dreamweaver for writing clean organized code using the powerful IDE creating flexible mobile applications that can be used both online and on the devices.

Adobe Dreamweaver works easily with complex content management system such as WordPress and Drupal. It also helps developing and deploying of original mobile applications using web standard-based frameworks and services. Shortly speaking, thanks to Dreamweaver designers and developers are able to create and manage web sites and mobile applications in user-friendly environment. Dreamweaver is constantly improving from release to release.

Now let’s see what new wonderful features of Dreamweaver CC are.

Set of infographic elements

Now we have visual means of control over all the properties of CSS that allows us to create clean, web standard code in a matter of minutes with the CSS Designer Tools. Fluid Grid Layout allows creating dynamic web design, which adapts to the screen size or device. Also Sync Settings, Edge Web Fonts, jQuery UI are new features you’ll learn about from this review.

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