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M-rank – Vector Portfolios Rating on Shutterstock

posted by: Iaroslav Lazunov, in Articles / Web Roundups/ Comments: 0

Free service – M-rank gives you an opportunity to see new hits in top vector images on Shutterstock. You are also able to see in real time the best portfolio by its ratings, by its growth during the week, by marketability, by total amount of vectors, and by the number of added vectors in a month. The analysis of your portfolio or of a separate vector, comparison of your ratings with other authors might help you to find your strengths and weaknesses and become a more successful stock illustrator.

Rating calculation is based on the position of first 100 thousand images (top 100k) in the Vectors category on Shutterstock. Depending on the position the vector is rated: the very first vector in top vectors achieves 316 times higher rating than the last one. This also roughly demonstrates the difference in the level of sales. The sum of the ratings of all vectors of the portfolio from top 100k forms portfolio’s rating.

To analyze your portfolio type in its number or the link to portfolio in the search box. On the new page you’ll see your best and the most promising images with the dynamics of growth by the week.

Here you can also find graphics of change of the portfolio’s rating, the total number of vectors, the number of vectors in the top and the marketability of your portfolio. Marketability is the average popularity of each vector in the portfolio.

For comparison of a couple of portfolios type in their numbers into the search box.

You can also see the ratings of particular vector (). To do this, you need to paste the link of the vector from Shutterstock.

On M-rank you can see general statistics of Shutterstock: the growth of the vector base (in dynamics), the proportion of vectors in portfolio from top 100k, stocking activity of portfolio and so on.

We hope that M-rank will become a useful analysis tool for you. We wish you good sales!

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